Fall Into Your Dreams


The story of Christian Robinson fulfilling his lifelong dream of traveling to his Michael Jackson's birthplace and competing in the tribute concert for his family and adoring public. 

Full movie available to screen through the contact form at the bottom of the page. 

The Lost Key 


Footage found in August 2017. 

Case still pending... 


Keep up the great work Dylan. We need more like you. And remember, it's all about the Argon.  

         - Tom Shadyac, D.G.A Director - Bruce Almighty, Ace Ventura, I AM, HAPPY

Without Dylan, this film (Just Another Day) could not have been what it is. His tireless work ethic, ability to communicate and negotiate with our key locations was invaluable.  

         - Peter Spirer, D.G.A. Director - Tupac: Thug Angel &  BIG: Bigger Than Life

I've worked with Dylan on two feature films as well as countless commercials and shorts. I hold him and his work in the highest regard. 

         - Ralph Clemente, D.G.A. Director - Cease Fire, Florida City

Latest Productions

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First Fridays Experience [Doc-Commercial]

Vegas [Music Video]

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The Christian Robinson Show [VLOG]

The Meaning

We have learned that there are two main factors to successful media.

° Creating the most engaging content possible.

° Giving people a reason to connect with it.

Hence Krei Waves. 

Krei means to "create" in the Universal Language of Esperanto.

The meaning behind the word is "versatile, idealistic and intuitive. Either great success will be enjoyed, or suffer misery. The only solution is service to others".

There are no boundaries as to how far we will go to create and to serve.


The Value Video Creates


Dylan "Dyls" Allen 

All my friends call me Dyls.

I've lived and produced content in LA, Florida, New Orleans and KC

I love music, movies, concerts, visual art, and photography. 

My passions outside of film are : Music, Cycling, Traveling, Sailing, Reading, and Racquetball.

I adore my family, which consists of my wife Colbsa, my two cats Johnson & Charles Brown and my Sheprador - Zoey. 

Quote - "We can selectively record and reshape the world as we see it."


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